Earned Not Given is located downtown Farmington, MI. We are a fitness facility that offers group and individual training. True to its surroundings, Earned Not Given is founded on the principles of quality, hard work. Every day presents a different challenge and you will be regularly testing and pushing your limits. The workouts are constantly varied to provide continuous progress as well as fun and excitement.


With that said we know in order for you to be your best you need to do things the right way. That’s why you will have a certified coach/coaches there to lead, instruct, correct and motivate. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability. We scale load and intensity; we don’t change programs. It’s the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. Along with the support of your coaches, every member/athlete here will have the entire community to draw from.


As we struggle & sweat together you will build a bond with your fellow athletes. Our greatest strength is found as we work together to improve ourselves as athletes and as people. Together we create a camaraderie & atmosphere that is unique to CrossFit. All of this will provide you with the tools to succeed in whatever health/fitness goals you may have.


Spacious and well-lit 5,400 sq. facility


Men’s & Women’s restrooms


Access to the pavilion at Groves Retail Center

Building a close-knit community of strong and able people who don’t believe in failure.

Work hard. Stay humble. Share what you’ve learned.

We will stay up to date on the most current and accurate information on health, fitness, and performance, and then help you apply it to your life.