Griffin Gust


Being in competitive sports from the age of 3, I found myself somewhat lost after not continuing into college. Coming from a wrestling and football background, being a college athlete was something I always had my mind set on. My senior year of high school I was on track to go on to the collegiate level until an ongoing shoulder injury sidelined me for almost two years. Taking time off from all training and nutrition I travelled and prepared for being a ‘traditional’ college student. Something was still missing though and even though I was a strong advocate against CrossFit I decided to watch a local competition that a friend was in. I immediately was hooked and wanted to get back into training again, get back to the struggle, I wanted that competitive side of me that I had lost.

Walking into Earned Not Given was and is one of the best decisions I have ever made. From the coaches to the community that you become part of, I truly can say there is something in CrossFit for everyone. Currently I am training to become a competitive CrossFit athlete and love pushing myself and others to levels that once seemed impossible.

Being 21 I definitely have a lot to learn, listening to other coaches and more experienced athletes is something that I constantly work on. Gaining knowledge each day to better myself as an athlete, coach and person is what I want to pass on.

Earned Not Given is grinding through the tough days, always moving no matter what, just keep going forward. Everything in life is about what are you willing to do to achieve your goal, family, health, or career it doesn’t matter. That feeling of earning what you have been striving for is something that can never be given to you.

Coaching Certifications:
CrossFit Level-1
Current Nutrition Science Student