Jillian Smith

Head Coach

My name is Jillian & I am the Head Coach & Owner of Earned Not Given CrossFit . I played sports growing up, but could never commit to one for more than a few years. I felt like if I wasn’t the best at something, I didn’t even want to try any more. CrossFit is what finally reshaped my mentality around an all or nothing mindset – which is what got me to where I am today.
Once I quit playing sports, I became pre-diabetic, tipping the scales in the low 200s. This was previous to adopting fitness into my lifestyle, so was mostly fat & not a whole lot of muscle. I decided I was too young to accept becoming diabetic and wanted to do everything in my power to change my health, and in turn my fitness.
I struggled staying consistent with healthy nutrition habits and exercise. I even became a certified personal trainer with no intent to make it my career – but to force myself to gain consistency within my regime. I still failed at doing so.
It wasn’t until I began CrossFit that I found the support and accountability I needed to make consistent efforts more often than not. CrossFit reshaped my mindset and emotion tied to fitness and nutrition. It was no longer a punishment for what I felt I did wrong, or was lacking. It became my happy place – my favorite part of the day. I learned to begin to enjoy the journey and to love the process. I fell in love with training, building healthy habits & the desire to help others do the same.
I come from a line of addiction and believe it saved me from taking it too far with alcohol & with food. It truly changed my life. I can’t imagine where I’d be without CrossFit.
My goal in life is to share everything I’ve learned through my journey to positively impact the health and fitness of as many people as possible – physically, mentally & emotionally – and to not stop there – but to continue to learn and grow as a fitness and nutrition professional.
I’ve spent all of my fitness life beginning in 2009, leading up to today building and growing what has become my second home – Earned Not Given CrossFit. I couldn’t be any more grateful for the opportunity to share this passion & to continue to build & grow with all of you 

Coaching Certifications:
2010 NPTI
2011 NASM
2013 Precision Nutrition
2015 CrossFit Level-1
2016 CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
2017 IN3 Nutrition Coach L-1
2017 CrossFit Level-2