“All my life I’ve been involved in team sports and coaching. I’ve looked for a fitness outlet for years that would allow me to continue the team aspect, without the team, and I’ve found that in CrossFit! In 2016 I joined ENG and haven’t looked back. Initially I joined to prepare for the Law Enforcement physical exam, but found an amazing community and an even better friendships. I have a background in education, 10+ years of business management and an extensive history in coaching softball, soccer and volleyball. Crossfit makes sense. I began my fitness journey in 2016 and within 1 1/2 years, I’d lost 70+ pounds through lifestyle changes, and a healthy dose of ENG CrossFit! I am incredibly blessed, and fortunate to have become a part of this amazing community and I cannot wait to see it grow into something more than anyone could have expected. ENG is family; when we have each other, we have EVERYTHING!”