"It's not just a gym, it's a community. The coaches are knowledgeable and really care about teaching you the "right" way to do things. It's definitely a place for all ages and abilities. I've also made amazing friends who crack me up, and sometimes I burn as many calories laughing in class as I do in the WOD! I'm new to CrossFit and have seen huge improvements in my mobility and strength."

Sara Bowman

"Earned Not Given is an absolutely amazing gym. It’s hard to call it a gym when it feels more like a large community/family/team! The owner Jillian treats everyone as if they were her own family! From day one I was timid to start a new gym but Jillian and her athletes welcomed me in with strong loving arms! I recommend this gym to anyone curious about CrossFit to expert level at working out! The ignite classes along with the regular scheduled classes are an absolute heart booster! I feel like a new, stronger and better me! Do not be timid or shy to start a trial run! Everyone is not an expert when they start but the adrenaline you feel from both working out and the other athletes cheering you on is an incredible feeling! We as a community only bring out the absolute best in you! You’ll feel it the moment you walk through the doors for the first time! Trust me, “don’t think about it - do it”! I promise you won’t regret it!"

Manuela M. Paglia

"My wife and i joined EnG when they opened up in Farmington. We had never participated in crossfit before. I'm 50, and haven't seriously exercised in years. Everyone at EnG is positive, and do have the people we have encountered. There is zero stress to lift crazy weight, or pressure to put yourself in a position to hurt yourself. I couldn't do a pullup 10 months ago, but i can do multiple now. Good people, and positive environment."

John Bowman

"Very clean and welcoming Box. Good atmosphere good equipment."

Eddie Gamez

"It's really hard to describe everything this Crossfit Facility has done for me. Not only have I lost over 50lbs since joining I've also learned and done things I never thought I could. From rope climbing to handstands not only do I feel like a kid again, I becoming stronger and fitter than ever. The coaches are top notch, the programming is on point, the facility is clean and bright and more than anything the athletes make the community great! The support we give each other cannot be matched! If you've on the fence about Crossfit or looking for a new place you should join us, it's the best!!!"

Chris Beatty

There are lots of boxes to choose from...go here. I have had the privilege of knowing Jillian both personally and in business for several years. Her passion for Crossfit and knowledge of lifting are out of this world. Her and her crew can get you where you want to go. If you're looking for someone who drinks the Kool-aid and knows how to serve it, this box is your new home.

Nate Furlong

"Love the place, extremely experienced coach, super friendly members. They pay attention and notice where it is you need to improve and provide the system for you to become the best version of yourself!"

Pochis Ivonbombon

"Love it here! I started with the on-ramp program and transitioned to the monthly membership. Aside from seeing consistent progression and results, my favorite thing about this box is the people and sense of community."

Maria Patania

"In my first month, I was able to do two unassisted chin-ups. In my second month, I PR'ed my Clean and Jerk by 15 lbs and my Overhead Squat by 20 lbs. These are real numbers, people, and I couldn't have done it without the excellent coaching and constant encouragement. When I'm here, I really feel like part of a community."

Sandra Zori