Adult bedwetting causes

Frequent urination at night, as well as bedwetting in adults, usually has different causes than among children. Frequent urination can mean that the body is producing more urine due to changes in certain hormone production, kidney problems, illness, or due to medication. This can lead to nocturnal enuresis, or it can mean that you have to get up one or several times a night to void and is then called nocturia. Among the elderly it is normal to have to get up to urinate once or twice a night. Among men, nocturia is usually related to an enlarged prostate. Overactive muscles of the bladder, or underlying health conditions, can however cause frequent urination at night regardless of age and gender.
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Adult bedwetting and nocturia

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Nocturnal Enuresis - Bladder & Bowel Community

There's no shame in recognizing that you have a problem with adult bedwetting. In fact, accepting that your body is not functioning the way you'd like it to is the first step towards treatment - and you'll be happy to hear that real, effective treatments are available. Simply put, there's no reason why anyone shouldn't have a dry night - and that includes you. It's worth noting that bedwetting in adults is actually different than what children go through. And while that might not remove the embarrassment, you must know that nocturnal enuresis is involuntary and not your fault. Urine is produced by the kidneys and travels through the ureters to the bladder to be stored.
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Adult Bedwetting: Some Common Causes and Treatments

Although bedwetting — or enuresis — is commonly associated with children, it can affect adults too. Adult bedwetting can be caused by a urinary tract infection, other medical condition, a side effect of medication, or stress. Other reasons for nocturnal enuresis can be related to the anatomy of your bladder, including if it is overactive, or smaller than usual. Nocturnal enuresis is defined as involuntary urination during the night, after an age when bladder control should be established. It is more common in children, but adult bedwetting is not rare — or anything to be ashamed of.
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Posted by Jennifer Hines. Bed-wetting also known as sleep enuresis and urinary incontinence is a fairly common condition in young children and is seen as a sign of an immature, developing bladder. In fact, most doctors don't consider bed-wetting in children to be a sign of a problem unless the child is older than seven years old, or the child has begun wetting the bed again after six months of maintaining overnight bladder control. However, when adults wet the bed it is often an indication of an underlying illness, disease, or a symptom of other untreated medical conditions. For adults, wetting the bed can not only be a devastatingly embarrassing condition, but it is often a sign of other medical troubles.
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